Description provided by The Flipping Formula:
The Inner Circle Experience teaches students how to rehab properties from the experts who bring in a sizeable return-on-invesment each and every time. Classes are held in actual rehabbing projects as the students see actual completed deals that Dave and Peter have done. The guests are walked through each step of the process that led to the successful rehab project. Some of the key components of this class teaches you how to inspect properties for needed repairs and upgrades, organize your rehab project, learn the art of design and learn how to cash flow your rehabbed properties. The Inner Circle Advanced Training leaves students fully prepared to enter the world of rehabbing. The knowledge imparted can take real estate investors years to acquire on their own.

Student Comments:
The best thing that I am taking away from this event is learning not to build custom houses, but do the same basic packages. I still feel out of my element as a new investor as I feel lost in the ‘jargon.’ Presenting information is not the same as implementing it.

Did you learn new concepts and ideas from this workshop?:

Yes, still feel a bit ‘lost’

Did you gain valuable information for building your business?:

Would you recommend this event?:

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